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Today I approved the audiobook for After the Republic, and it should be available for purchase in the next week or so. Click here to receive an email notification when it’s ready.

Troy W. Hudson produced the audiobook, and he did great work. For more information on his voice-over services, check out his website at

Review: After the Republic a Compelling, Thought-Provoking Must-Read for Patriots

Cover ThumbnailThe following review was published on GOPUSA on June 24, 2015.

by Andy Yates

After recently finishing the new political thriller After the Republic, written by North Carolina author Frank L. Williams, all I could say was “Wow!” I’m already anticipating the sequel. It’s a rare book that entertains and challenges me, and this one does both within an enticing framework that makes it difficult to put down. With a quickly unfolding plot, well-developed and easily identifiable characters, and enough twists, turns, and surprises to keep you on your toes, After the Republic is a quick, fun, thought-provoking read. That alone is enough to recommend the book, but that isn’t its most compelling part.

After the Republic is set in 2017 and references many current events as historical facts. America has just elected a charismatic president many compare to Ronald Reagan, but that is not enough to prevent the once-great nation from descending into chaos and becoming a mere shadow of its former self. Once things begin falling apart, they do so at lightning speed. The book chronicles the challenges faced by a group of Americans, led by a former state legislator who had hoped to enjoy a quiet retirement from politics. This group is determined to survive the fall of the American republic as members face a world of chaos, terrorist attacks, and the disintegration of many basic rights and freedoms Americans take for granted.

This book really made me think about the serious choices facing our country as we deal with securing our borders, facing down radical Islamic terrorism, and balancing national security with freedom and civil liberties. The decisions we make in these areas will likely determine the future course of our nation and our world. While hopefully our nation never faces a similar scenario, After the Republic does an excellent job of examining the consequences of making the wrong choices on these key issues. For readers who don’t have a good sense of these challenges or are less motivated to ensure we make the right decisions, this book will surely change your mindset.

Before you read this book, make sure you have several hours of free time because I am certain you will not want to put it down. Be prepared to ponder the plausibility of the book’s storyline, the actions you might take as an individual, and the steps we should take as a nation to ensure that fiction does not become reality. After the Republic will also challenge you to think about the choices you would make if confronted with the scenario that unfolds within its pages. If you don’t already have a real sense of the dangerous times we live in and the threats America faces, you will once you finish this novel.

Andy Yates is a Senior Partner at Red Dome Group, a full-service public affairs and political consulting firm based in Charlotte, N.C. For more information, visit

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Meet Jack McGee

Jack McGee is a retired Marine who makes his living as a firearms instructor.  He is deceptively unassuming, but is not one to be taken lightly. 

Jack served in Operation Desert Storm.  He understands combat strategies and is skilled with a variety of weapons. 

Jack and his wife, Andrea, have one son, Billy, and a Chocolate Lab named Sarge.

Meet Thomas Page

Thomas Page is laid-back, mellow guy.  He is a general contractor who built Joshua and Rebecca’s farmhouse.  Thomas is one of those people who flies by the seat of his pants and takes life as it comes. 

He is a jack-of-all-trades who knows a little about everything, ranging from construction to real estate to land development.  If Thomas can’t do something himself, he always seems to have a contact who can.

Thomas and his wife, Kim, have two children, Tommy (17) and Laura (15).


Meet Keri Davidson

Keri Davidson is the wife of Jim Davidson, a former pastor and close confidante of Joshua Winston.  Keri works as a nurse at a hospital in the Raleigh area.

Keri is every bit as level-headed and cool under fire as her husband.  While Jim often mentored the men at the church where he served, Keri mentored many of the women.

Keri and Jim are the proud parents of twins.

Meet Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson is a former pastor, close friend and mentor to Joshua Winston.  He introduced Joshua to his future wife, Rebecca, at the church where he served. 

Jim is a country guy and outdoorsman who enjoys hunting and fishing.  He is a voice of wisdom and reason who is the picture of calm in the midst of chaos.

Jim and his wife, Keri, both tend to serve as mentors to those around them.  They are the proud parents of twins.

Meet Kane Martin

Kane Martin is a U.S. Army Veteran who served under Command Sergeant Major Bob Kendall in Operation Enduring Freedom.  He is a loner who doesn’t say much and doesn’t seem to connect with anyone other than Bob. 

Kane is intensely loyal to Bob and will blindly follow his commands.  He is a disciplined soldier who doesn’t shy away from a fight.

Nothing is known about Kane’s parents or family heritage.


Meet Caroline Edwards

Caroline Edwards is married to Joshua Winston’s best friend, Perry.  She is a highly successful computer / software engineer.  Her children, Charlie (11) and Allie (8), are the center of her world.

Caroline enjoys spending her money on nice things and eating at nice restaurants.  While Perry likes to hunt and fish, Caroline is a vegetarian who tends to turn her nose up at meat.  She is finicky about food and nearly everything else. 



Meet Perry Edwards

Perry Edwards is the best friend and longtime fishing buddy of Joshua Winston.  He and Joshua have been friends for more than ten years.  Perry works in IT at a technology company in Research Triangle Park.

Perry is a bit of an outdoorsman who likes to hunt, fish and play paintball.  His wife, Caroline, is quite the opposite.

Perry and Caroline live north of Raleigh in Wake Forest.  They have two children:  Charlie (11) and Allie (8).


Meet Reagan

GabeReagan is Joshua Winston’s beagle-bulldog mix puppy.  He is just a few months old at the outset of After the Republic.  It goes without saying that Joshua, a former legislator, named the puppy after his favorite President, Ronald Reagan.

Reagan is jittery as a puppy, but has already taken to Joshua and Rebecca.  He is loyal and is quite a watchdog. 

Reagan is the literary reincarnation of Gabe, a very cool dog who belonged to the author’s family (pictured at right).  Gabe is now guarding the pearly gates against intruders. 


Frank L. Williams, author of After the Republic, with Gabe (after whom Reagan is modeled).