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After the Republic (Volume I)

Chaos. Conflict. Lawlessness. An uncertain future in a strange place.

The American republic has crumbled.

Joshua Winston, a reluctant leader who had hoped to enjoy a quiet, peaceful retirement from politics, is forced off of the sidelines. Now, he must lead a group of Americans determined to survive in the dangerous new world they face. He takes great pains to steer his group clear of the chaos that reigns after the republic, but fears that the conflict will inevitably find its way to them.

Convergence (Volume II)

Twenty months later, yet another series of deadly events and shocking revelations brings America to a historic turning point and forces Joshua off the sidelines. Remnants of the United States government face off with each other. Government leaders show little interest in purging terrorists from American soil. Military leaders openly oppose the nation’s leadership. United States military forces are arrayed against each other, on American soil. Citizens take up arms to defend themselves.

As a diverse cast of forces converges, Joshua must determine who he can trust as what remains of the American republic teeters on the verge of a final collapse.

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